5A Virgin Malaysian Hair Review by a customer

5A Virgin Malaysian Hair Review by a customer

Virgin Malaysian Hair is the purest way to add extensions to any head of hair. While many users of extensions will want to add length to their hair, there are very few extensions that provide 100 percent real human hair. With these extensions, a user will be sure that they have received 100 percent authentic hair that comes from natives of Malaysia. In fact, it is guaranteed that no other fibers are used within the extensions and that a person is going to receive authentic hair.


Virgin Malaysian Hair Features

Extensions are able to be purchased in both black and brown colors. This will vary depending on what the purchaser requests. Every extension that is purchased will be able to be colored. While coloring is always optional, many users have found that the hair looks amazing after it has been colored. This can be done when the exact color of a person’s hair does not match the product or they want to keep their extensions when they decide to have a new look.

Pros of 5A Malaysian Virgin Hair

These Virgin extensions come with a slew of benefits that any beauty conscious wearer will be able to appreciate. These benefits include:

Styles: There are a myriad of different hair styles available. Straight hair is available for wearers that want to wear their hair straight as well as curly, wavy, dense curls, loose curls and dozens of other styles. These allow for a perfect match with a person’s natural hair.

Authentic: With the authenticity of the hair provided, a user’s hair will always feel and look real. This allows the wearer to comfortably go to a wedding or party with their new extensions.

Resistance: The extensions provided are tangle and shed free. This allows the wearer to enjoy their extensions for years to come without worrying about the quality degrading.

Restyle Options: Every strand of hair can be restyled. This allows for complete control over the current hairstyle that is worn.

Length: Extensions come in 8 – 30 inch bundles. This allows for hair to be precisely the desired length.

Fast Delivery: Users have stated just how fast the delivery time was when purchasing these extensions. From ordering to receiving, the entire process usually takes 4 days on average. While these times will vary, they are more than accommodating for any purchaser.

Cons of 5A Malaysian Virgin Hair

As every person knows, there are always going to be a few cons when it comes to hair extensions. While there may not be many negatives about this product, users have stated:

Thinness: A person with thick hair will be amiss when they realize that Malaysian hair may not be as thick as their own. The remedy for this is to buy more than one bundle to accommodate for the lack of hair density.

Smell: While the company states that the hair does not smell, some users have complained of their extensions emitting an odor. Since the hair is all-natural, it can be washed to remove any smell that a person is experiencing.

Overall, users will find that the 5A Malaysian Virgin Hair extensions are ideal for their price and authenticity. With the hair being very soft, shiny and able to be styled at will, a user will have the perfect added length that their hair needs to look beautiful.

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