Brazilian Lace Front Wig – A Customer Review

Brazilian Lace Front Wig – A Customer Review
Brazilian Lace Front Wig

I have bought two of these lace front wigs, and I have to say that the quality varies. The first one I bought was not as good quality as the second one, which I love. I think this is probably to be expected because it is human hair, and it will vary in quality from one source to another. I am really pleased with my second purchase though. I chose black over brown the second time around, and it seems the hair is a lot stronger and more resilient.

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One thing I would change is that the cap seems to be a little tight. Maybe it will loosen up with more wear, but I really think it would be better to have it more stretchy from the start. After all, everybody doesn’t have the same size head or the same amount of their own hair, so it needs to have some flexibility. Also, the cap is a little hot for summer, but I’m liking it in the winter!

Also, I think people need to be careful about where they buy this particular kind of wig from. My friend bought one at a local beauty supply store that was supposed to be the same as mine, but when she brought it over and we compared them, it was easy to see it wasn’t the same wig at all. What’s worse, she paid a whole lot more for it and the store wouldn’t refund her money when she took it back to complain, so she was stuck with it and not happy! She’s been trying very hard to take good care of it and get some kind of use out of it, but it’s just been a big disappointment all around. I’m glad I got mine online from a good company because I know I got the best price and if I have a problem, it will be taken care of. So far, no problems though. I am very happy with my genuine Hollywood Remy human hair lace front wig.

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