My First, Honest Review – Ali Queen Brazilian Hair Extensions

My First, Honest Review – Ali Queen Brazilian Hair Extensions
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The Ali Queen Brazilian Waves are undeniably attractive with their Brazilian Hair in a warm, natural medium brown and this fashionable product is sure to catch the eye of many buyers. I am writing this personal review so that other customers can understand my experience and why, despite being very pleased with my purchase, I am only awarding this product four stars out of five.

The things I liked when using these Ali Queen Brazilian Hair Weaves?

I was impressed and relieved when I opened my package and saw what these extensions really looked like. They still had that natural look and great colour that I had seen in the advertisement and they felt so soft and high quality that I was certain they would look amazing in my hair, which I am told my my friends that they do.


Of course I could not write a full, honest review of this product without fully testing it out with some wear and a wash and I have to say that these weaves passed the test brilliantly. I was concerned about what would happen to them but even though there was some shedding after being washed, it was not enough to really complain about and the treatment even improved the softness slightly. Overall, the product retained its quality and shape and I was thrilled with the results; however, some buyers have been less impressed and I can understand why they may have some reservations.

What potential issues could buyers experience with these Ali Queen Brazilian Extensions and why do I feel it is not quite a 5 star product?

There are two key negative factors that have been highlighted by buyers in customer reviews; the problem with the length and that ever-present issue of odour. There have been mixed reviews on the odour of this particular set of extensions, with some people saying there is none and others saying the “corn chip” smell is far too strong. Personally, I feel I was able to get the worst of the smell out but others clearly disagree and I can understand why it would be seen as such a disadvantage. My biggest issue was with the length and volume because I felt they were not true to the length advertised – about half an inch off by my measurement – and I thought they could also be a little fuller.

Summary: these Ali Queen Virgin Hair Extensions are great but they are not perfect.

So, as you can hopefully see from my review and the feedback of other buyers, there are a lot of benefits to these extensions but there are also some potential flaws that mean I cannot give it a perfect score. I honestly believe that most buyers will love them because of their natural look, great colour and the way the hold up to some wear and a wash but, having said this, I also feel that the issue with the smell could be a deal breaker for many women and the length was a little disappointing. In short, this is undoubtedly a recommendable product but it is not perfect.

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