Genesis Virgin Hair Review

Genesis Virgin Hair Review
genesis virgin hair

Genesis is one of the companies offering what they claim is 100 percent virgin hair, which is defined as actual human hair that is fully natural. This means that genuine virgin hair hasn’t been processed (such as through perming or straightening) or colored to improve its appearance and quality before being sold, hence the use of the word “virgin”.

[fsbProduct asin=’B00F5HK4OA’ size=’300′ align=’left’]Women use virgin hair in several ways, but most commonly, the strands are sewn together to form some sort of a wig, or are attached to a type of clip, which can then be used as a hair extension.

The Genesis website guarantees that the company sells only 100 percent unprocessed virgin hair of various colors and that each bundle is examined thoroughly before it is sent out to customers, processing of the order taking 7 to 10 business days and shipping time to be added to the waiting period.


Quality of the Product

Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of the feedback on the quality of Genesis Virgin Hair is negative, the products offered by the company being described as “very poor” and “of the lowest quality”. In fact, several reviewers mentioned that upon cleaning the supposed “virgin hair” that they received by immersing it in water, a considerable amount of hair coloring tainted the water, proving that the hair they were sold was actually processed by dyeing.
Furthermore, many reviewers complained that the hair they received had frayed edges, such that even if they had paid for 16 inches of virgin hair, they had to trim off a couple of inches because of fraying in that part, thereby leaving them with a much shorter length of hair than they purchased. In fact, other problems with the product included very large tangles in the hair product and quite a lot of shedding after using the product for only a few days despite Genesis’s claim that the product could be used for a much longer period of time.

There is, however, a small portion of reviewers who said they were happy with the product they purchased from Genesis because the hair they received was of good quality and made them look very beautiful because of the hair’s healthy and smooth appearance. In fact, even one disgruntled reviewer admitted that although she was very displeased with the product she received, she was able to use it for an event that she had to attend, and that she managed to make herself look very attractive while wearing the product.


Genesis offers mid-priced virgin hair compared to other similar products on the market, a band of 16-inch Genesis hair costing between $60 to $70.

genesis virgin hair review



Again, there are more complaints than praises when it comes to Genesis’s delivery time and delivery cost. The standard shipping rate charged is $15 for a processing time of up to 10 days and another 15 days for shipping, quite a long wait after paying a $15 delivery fee.

Overall, while some reviewers claim to have been satisfied with their purchase of the virgin hair supplied by Genesis, the claims of the overwhelming majority, who’ve revealed that the hair that was sent to them was of very poor quality, weigh more heavily. In other words, buy Genesis hair products at your own risk.

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