Guide to Buying the Best Hair Extensions

Guide to Buying the Best Hair Extensions
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It’s no secret that healthy and thick hair helps take years off your face and allow you to look young and beautiful, and do wonders for your confidence. Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your hair, making it look healthy and thick. However, buying these extensions is an elaborate process that entails determining your needs, researching different types of extensions, their colors, and prices. This comprehensive step-by-step guide helps you choose and buy the best hair extensions available.

Decide Whether to Buy Human or Synthetic Extensions

The first step is to decide whether you want to buy the human hair or the synthetic extensions. As the name indicates, human hair extensions are made from real human hair while synthetic extensions are created from synthetic materials. Human extensions are easy to style and with the right texture and type, they can be styled in the same way you style your own natural hair. Moreover, just like your own hair, natural extensions withstand heat well. The cost for human hair extensions come at a premium compared to synthetic hair extensions. We suggest always buying human hair for it’s styling benefits. Synthetic extensions on the contrary cannot stand a high amount of heat and can melt or burn once they are exposed to enough heat. However, there are certain synthetic hair extensions, more expensive variants, which can withstand a larger amount of heat. Therefore, if you want a ntural look with easier styling and better heat resistance, choose human hair extensions.

Determine Your Hair Color

Determining your hair color is particularly important when buying hair extensions. After all, you want your extensions to blend well with your hair and look natural, right? Failing to determine your hair color accurately before buying the extensions will result in an uneven and inconsistent look. In fact, people will be able to tell you have extensions in. To achieve flawless results and rule out any chances of inconsistency, use a hair swatch from your local beauty store or salon. The swatch will help you determine your hair color accurately and enable you to buy the extensions that closely match your hair color. Some online stores do offer small samples of hair so you can color match and see what might work for you.
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Decide On the Hair Extension Type

Regardless of whether you want temporary or permanent results, you have a variety of hair extension types to select. Here is a closer look at some of the most popular options you have available:

Sew In Extensions

The first and most popular type of extensions are known as sew-in extensions. They are available in a range of colors, sizes, and textures. Moreover, it helps you create a host of different hairstyles every day, all without worrying about damage. If you take care of them properly, they last for months.


Although not as popular as sew-in extensions, they are the easiest to use, requiring a simple “clip” onto your hair. This makes them great for girls of all ages. However, these provide a temporary look and should not be used to important events, where they can accidentally fall off. In fact, if you want a more permanent look, stick to the sew-in type.


Custom made wigs are generally made with sew-in extensions and a closure. The standard is generally 3 bundles of hair and a closure to make a full lace wig. Wigs are a fantastic option when wanting to quickly change your look. Want purple hair for the night just clip in your purple wig and hit the town!


This type is rather similar to a wig and allows your extensions to blend well with your own hair. It features hair extensions with a nylon weft, where your natural hair is pulled through the web holes after you wear it. This ensures the extensions blend well.


Glue-in is a rather unique style that allows for a more permanent look. This is because, as the name suggests, the extensions are attached using an adhesive, ensuring the extensions stay in place for longer.
Micro Tube Extensions

Micro-Tube Extensions

These make use of the keratin rings, or tubings, to attach the extensions. These provide a semi-permanent hair extension solution, giving the extensions the strength needed to endure for over a day. The process of getting this done can get a little pricy in some salons.

Always Compare

Regardless of whether you know what you want to buy, it’s always a good idea to take out some time to compare different extensions. Always search for product reviews and identify what product is right. For example, there is a host of different sew-in extensions to purchase. You need to know what brand, budget and/or texture is right for you in the sew-in variety. You should also ask your friends about their experience with the different brands and compare accordingly. Similarly, you can also read customer reviews about each brand and compare. This will give you a chance to know what others say about the brand, understanding whether or not it is worthwhile.

Determine Your Budget

After you decide on all the necessary factors and know about what you want, it is time to make a realistic decision about the amount of money you want to spend. You need to know what brands, types, and textures are more expensive than others. For example, buying human extensions costs more than the synthetic variety. However, it is easier to use and there are greater styling options available. Similarly, some brands may cost more than others. When you decide your hair extension budget, ensure you look for the “percentage of human hair” in the extensions. Typically, the higher the percentage of human hair in the human extensions, the more natural, manageable, and most importantly, expensive it will be. The best hair extensions are always made with raw, remy human hair. Make sure to also factor in the cost of styling the hair. Can you do it yourself or do you need salon professionals?

Online Or Local?

Decide whether you want to buy hair extensions from your local beauty store or an online one. It usually boils down to variety and price. Always find a balance between them, but give preference to the store that offers a greater variety. Although, if you can find a good hair extension company online it could be a bigger win. It’s understandable that buying hair extensions can be tricky business if you don’t know what you want. As such, this step-to-step hair extension buying guide will help you buy the best hair extensions so you can rock the fabulous hair you have always wanted. Moreover, it ensures you don’t waste any money. If you have decided to use hair extensions to add color, volume, style, and/or length to your hair, don’t delay. Buy your hair extensions today!

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