How to tell if Brazilian Hair is Real

How to tell if Brazilian Hair is Real
how to tell if brazilian hair is real

When washing Brazilian Remy, any other so-called Virgin brazilian Remy or virgin hair, if you see a black dye coming out, then you can be very sure that it is not truly virgin hair. Some companies that sell hair claim that the hair they sell is virgin when it is actually not. There are a number of brands out there in the market that claim to sell Virgin Remy hair and attach a heavy price tag to it. It, therefore, becomes important for you to make sure that you know how to tell if Brazilian hair is real.

Real Remy Hair – What Is It

Remy refers to the hair chosen from a single donor after first taking into consideration its root end. The cuticles remain intact with each strand of hair facing the same direction. Frequently, Remy hair is also known by the name “cuticle hair”. To put it in simple terms, virgin hair is the hair that is not subjected to any kind of processing or treatment. This means that the hair has not been treated with chemicals including perm, relaxer, silicones dyes as well as colors. Thus, the purest form of hair available is Virgin Remy and the unprocessed hair has its cuticles intact.

You can never be sure of the authenticity of the hair that you purchase, if you are not buying Virgin Remy hair from one of the beauty supply stores. Another aspect that you need to look for is the color designation of hair – #2, #1B, etc. – to make sure that you are buying Virgin Remy hair. This is because it is neither colored nor treated and is available in natural black as well as brown color. Often, color labels are provided on packages, if hair has been dyed and treated to bring it to the required shade.


Fake Brazilian Hair, Real Brazilian Hair – How To Tell The Difference

The first test, therefore, that you can carry out to find out whether the hair claimed to be Virgin Remy hair is correct or not is the color. The virgin Brazilian Hair will always have the donor’s hair color. The color may range from natural black to browns. However, most often it is medium brown and lighter than the hair designated as #1B that you buy from a store. Another aspect is that the color of the entire bunch of hair is not likely to be uniform. This is because natural highlights (both darker and lighter) of the primary color can be present. Moreover, you will generally find grey hair strands in the package.

The second test that you can carry out to determine if the hair you want to buy is genuine Virgin Brazilian Remy or not is by looking at the grade and texture of the hair. Virgin Brazilian Remy will not be extremely straight or silky. Often, it is coarser and has a yaki-like texture, blending and resembling that of colored women. Hair that is not virgin is generally subjected to silicone treatment and chemical straightener coating. This gives hair a silky and straight appearance. You will be able to get a feeling of the coating, if you run your fingers through hair that is not actually virgin hair.

Another test is known as the flame test. Cut off a small sample of the hair which you purchased and place it directly above a small flame such as a cigarette lighter or a candle. Fake synthetic hair is extremely flammable and will produce a big flame when it comes into contact with a lighter, Real Virgin hair is not highly flammable, when it touches a flame it usually produces smoke but not a huge flame as synthetic hair does.

fake brazilian hair

The most important test, however, that you can carry out to identify virgin hair is the wet test. If the hair is not virgin it feels heavy when it becomes wet. On the other hand, virgin hair will retain its wave pattern or natural curl even if it is wet. This is because product build-up and dirt are removed when hair is washed. You must, however, remember that hair that becomes curly or wavy when wetted need not necessarily be virgin Remy hair. Several lines may offer hair that is wet and wavy, but it may not be virgin or Remy.



Final Thought

Buying Virgin Brazilian hair can actually be considered as a great investment. This is because the natural shine, luster as well as texture of the virgin hair blend well with most types of natural hair. Further, the quality and versatility of this hair cannot be matched by any other type of hair. If you maintain it properly, this hair can stay tangle or matt free for many months. However, it is very important that you make sure that you are buying Genuine Virgin Brazilian hair before going ahead with the investment.

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  1. Desire. Fleming 7 years ago

    Tryin to sell hair

    • ann 6 years ago

      I keep getting screwed with buying hair…..can anyone email with whom I can buy good hair from? Thanks, Ann

  2. Geraldine Du plessis 6 years ago

    Hi I bought deep wave Brazilian hair 2 weeks ago and it tangles i did the burn test and white smoke do come out an it goes to ashes smells like real hair when you burn it, i used to buy from the same supplier. Use to buy body wave and never experiences tangles. Can my hair be fake..its deep wave inch 22. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tara 6 years ago

    I am so concerned that the hair I bought is not real virgin hair. It comes tomorrow and I plan to do every test you have here. Hopefully if it fails they will return my money

  4. Tanasha 5 years ago

    Why would you spend so much money on some one else’s hair when you can grow your own.

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