Luxury Hair Direct’s LaTavia Roberson on LA HAIR!

Luxury Hair Direct’s LaTavia Roberson on LA HAIR!
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Luxury Hair Direct featuring LaTavia Roberson

LaTavia Roberson + Luxury Hair Direct

Hey LaTavia Roberson! We were really excited to see a preview video of one of our favorite stars, LaTavia Roberson, who is featured on the WE Network’s upcoming LA HAIR TV show with hair superstar Kim Kimble. LaTavia is a former member of the superstar group Destiny’s Child. LaTavia won 2 Grammies before the breakup. More recently you could find her on the hit TV show R&B Divas. After the show she looked for her next venture. She has alway been in love with Hair & Beauty so why not let her Entrepreneurial spirit push her to the next level with her hair extension partnership with the very successful Luxury Hair Direct hair brand. LaTavia meets with Kim Kimble on an episode of LA HAIR. We caught a quick feature on YouTube. Find it below!

LaTavia on LA HAIR Preview!

We are excited to see the episode tomorrow night at 10 PM ET. It appears there is a little twist in the plot. Well it is reality TV as you know.

Featured below and in the episode is her celebrity stylist Dallas Christopher. Dallas and LaTavia are good friends and both based in Atlanta. Dallas is a lead educator at Paul Mitchell and a leader in the Luxury Hair Direct network. Hair Extensions are a BIG business in Atlanta and worldwide. This looks like a powerful team that could be making some serious moves in the hair industry. We could imagine some beautifully colored blonde/gold extensions as a huge seller for her brand.

LaTavia Roberson with Stylist Dallas Christopher

Luxury Hair Direct launched in 2014 and has been taking the hair industry by storm. They offer a variety of hair extension products with the ability to get involved and sell hair extensions. You can “Join” and start your own hair extension business for free.

LaTavia Roberson is a classic beauty with her blonde hair extensions. Dallas has her hair on FLEEK 24-7 from the recent pictures and videos we have seen. We wish LaTavia the best with her hair extension adventure and hope to see more of her on the TV screen in the near future.

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