Micro Rings
Micro Rings

Micro ring hair extensions are just a recent innovation and have rapidly become a common alternative because of various reasons. Utilization of other types of hair extensions created a compromise between discreetness, suitability for home use, look, re-usability and durability. However, with micro ring hair extensions, that problem never exists and following are some of the benefits of using them:

Can Be Applied At Home

Micro rings extensions can be fixed in a salon although that is not necessary as you can also do them at home. They are very simple to put on someone’s hair and do not take long to study on how to use them. This is because you can reposition them since you can familiarize with the way they are applied. Apart from being easy to use, they also look nice compared to other hair extensions. However, with other hair extensions they also appear messy if they are done inappropriately as if there is glue in extensions and cannot be repositioned. The progress of putting more micro rings involves using a plastic loop whereby you pull hair via the ring linked to the hair weft after which you pull the ring up to the scalp. Next you use unique pliers to fix the hair extensions in order.

Short and Fine Hair

It is possible to apply micro rings extensions with fine and short hair unlike other types of extensions like weaving and braiding. For instance, weaves and braids need a specific length of hair to give room for tension as fine hair can simply break under tension. The methods are also challenging to perform. With micro rings, you can use a short hair of 1 to 2 inches which can also be blended with for natural appearance.


Micro rings extensions are discreetly attached near the scalp with both kinds of extensions. They create uniformity with the extensions being difficult to view since they are fixed to the hair directly. Thus, if someone looks carefully at your scalp they cannot easily find the micro rings as they normally match with the hair color.

Safe to Use

If there is glue in hair extensions, there is need to apply glue. However, with hot fusion you should use heat. This is because some people are allergic to glue while to others it irritates their scalp. Also, the heat can burn your scalp where both glue and heat can destroy your hair. Likewise when you come to remove glue in extensions, it is a bit challenging to get rid of them without destroying your hair further by taking some of it with extensions. However, with weaves and braids, the tension must be applied to pull your hair from scalp which can cause tension alopecia and sometimes severe headaches.

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Usage in Long or Short Term

It is simple to get rid of micro rings extensions and since they are simple to put, you can decide to use them for a long or within a short period of time. The minimal expense means that you should not get unwanted value in case you utilize them for just a day or so. If they are not used for long they can stay within your hair without any problem even though they may require repositioning as the hair grows. But if you purchase unprocessed Remy hair it lasts longer since it still have the cuticle intact with the entire strands in every weft pointing in the similar direction that they formally grew.

Reusable and Re-positionable

Unlike other extensions, those of micro rings can be taken out effortlessly in a manner that they get reused as you de-flatten the ring in order to release them. This enables them to have great value if they are only used for a day or so. In addition, micro rings can be repositioned easily by either adding them from where the hair grows hence you need to swift them to ensure they remain higher on your scalp. You can get micro ring hair extensions with a broad range of quality products at affordable prices. With the best techniques you can easily get professional fitting service as you wish.

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