Neitsi Peruvian Virgin Remy Human Hair Body Wave Extensions

Neitsi Peruvian Virgin Remy Human Hair Body Wave Extensions
Virgin Peruvian Hair

Hair extensions always feel and respond differently with every manufacturer. When it comes to extensions, purchasers will find that there is as much diversity on the market as there are hairstyles. From super sleek hair to curly, buyers can find it all with hair extensions. Virgin Chic Hair Extensions are able to help the beauty conscious woman add depth and fullness to their hair. With these extensions, a person is buying 100 percent Virgin Remy Hair at a very steep discount. While the price may turn some buyers away because it is far below the norm, the extensions are of the highest quality.

Extension Positives


peruvian virgin hairAs with any extensions, there will be some users that find that the item they purchased simply does not look like their real hair. This is something that has led many women to Virgin Chic as this problem is all but eradicated. These positive results are directly correlated with:

100 percent real hair: Typically, extensions have synthetic hair, which means one thing – they are not real. Being 100 percent real human hair allows the wearer to experience a beautiful addition to their hair that acts like real hair. In fact, this is real hair! It can be shampooed, conditioned and even dyed to resemble the shine or color of the wearer’s current head of hair. The horrible synthetic smell that is seen with lower end extensions is also eliminated, which will please every wearer.

Double sewed weave: Loose extensions plague the market and can cause many extensions to nearly fall apart with extended use. These extensions, however, are double sewn so that the hair never falls out of place. In fact, after wearing these very extensions for a few weeks, they look as if they are still new. The quality of the weave is superb and it shows just how much care has been put into this product.

Size variations: The normal “one-size-fits-all” extensions never seem to do my hair justice. Not only are these extensions always too long or too short, but they also scream “extensions.” Virgin Chic, however, provides a plethora of sizes to choose from, which comes as a sigh of relief. Sizes range from 12 – 24 inches in length. This allows the hair to match a wearer’s current length perfectly.

Style changeable: Wearing your hair curly, straight or wavy all of the time gets rather boring. Since these extensions are real hair, they can be treated as such. It is possible to straighten, curl or perm the extensions along with the person’s real hair. If desired, this hair can also be dyed. Unlike synthetic hair, the extensions will never melt or shred under the heat of a straightener.

peruvian body wave hair

Extension Negatives

These extensions are not perfect – but which ones are? While the results definitely vary, there have been some concerns with the following:

Shedding: While the weave is sewn very well in most of the extensions seen, some users have experienced immense shedding. This is obviously unwarranted and may be cause for a return if it is prevalent.

Tangling: A big concern comes with the amount of buyers that have had their hair tangle on them. While these tangles can be worked out, they do require some additional care.

Thin: Being real hair, one bundle may simply not be enough to match the thickness of a person’s hair. This is not a fault of the product itself, but it can leave an unnatural look when installed. Those with thick hair may want to purchase two or three bundles to ensure that it is thick enough for their head of hair.

Extra care: Oftentimes, users will need to treat their hair to ensure that it is perfect for them. This can equate to conditioning and dying the hair so that it matches a person’s hair adequately. Some users even complained of grey hairs in their extensions, but this is expected with real human hair.

Neitsi always produces high quality extensions and these are no exception. While some users do have their complaints, these extensions are exceptional for the price. If there is a problem on arrival, customer service is more than happy to remedy the situation. In this price range, these extensions truly stand out. Not only are the varied lengths accommodating, but being real hair allows for the versatility that wearers have always wanted.

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