New Hair Extension Blog Alert!

New Hair Extension Blog Alert!
Hair Extensions

We are a huge fan of the Hair Extension company #HAIRFLEEK. They have some amazing products at even better pricing. We have heard some great things about this company and they are starting to get a bunch of great reviews on YouTube. BTW… Oh how much do we love watching hair extension reviews on YouTube! What in the world were we doing just 10 years ago? Anyway, we were excited to see that this company has been on a news posting frenzy with some great information related to hair extensions. We love to talk about others and especially when they are making moves in the hair game.


1 – Top 10 Coloring Tips for Hair Extensions
2 – Not Just a Trend: The History of Hair Extensions
3 – Top 5 Hair Extension Styles to Buy!
4 – Hair Extensions are SOOO Popular! But Why?
5 – Curly Hair – Can You Handle It? Hey Curling Wand!
6 – Saying Goodbye? Safely Remove Hair Extensions
7 – How to Prepare Your Natural Hair for Braids and Sew-in Extensions
8 – Sew-In Hair Extensions: What You Need to Know!
9 – Custom Wigs – We Know You Thinking About It!
10 – What is a Hair Closure and its Many Benefits?

We know there is a lot of information about hair out there. Sometimes you just have to experience things hands on for yourself. There is nothing wrong with doing a little research ahead of time. There is a lot to learn about hair extensions, coloring hair, types of hair, styles and everything else. As you know, the team at are HUGE FANS of hair and hair extensions. It has been excellent to collaborate with others in the hair industry and work together to create something special.

Sew-in hair extensions have been all the craze for many years now. With the proper education there is so much you can do with the hair. That is why we recommend reading their hair blog. Custom made wigs with extravagant colors has started to make a wave on Instagram. It is important to find hair extensions that color well to achieve this. Some hair that is over processed will have a silicon coating over it to make it feel overly soft. This is not the case with the hair we have tested with #HAIRFLEEK. It holds color just as well as any other hair extension we have reviewed.

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