New Wholesale Hair Extensions Resource

New Wholesale Hair Extensions Resource
Hair Extensions
Wholesale Hair Extensions Resource

Introducing Private Label Extensions

There are many aspects of getting in the lucrative but competitive hair extension industry. Many entrepreneurs are interested in selling online, to their friends or even opening up a retail location. If you ever wanted to start a hair business then you probably have first looked for a place to buy wholesale hair extensions. We caught up with the team at Private Label Extensions who focuses on selling wholesale quantities of hair for resell. What makes Private Label Extensions different than most wholesale companies is that they are USA based. If you have ever tried to purchase hair from unreliable sellers on Alibaba you will appreciate being able to actually communicate directly with a company passionate about hair and helping you grow your business. We wanted to find out the scoop of why hair extensions and what they offer.

Why Hair Extensions?

Everyone knows this is a booming industry. From sew-in extensions, wigs to clip-ins, Woman of all races are wearing extensions. We found that there was a real lack of knowledge in the industry. Our goal was to learn everything possible over the past few years and work with hair entrepreneurs to help them become successful.

Why Wholesale Hair Extensions?

We have wasted thousands and thousands of dollars trying to find really great hair. It can be a real struggle working with companies in India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Brazil. Communication skills are lacking, most are in a completely different time zone and some are just crooks. On many occasions, we have tried out a new supplier and received nothing. After a few years, we have sifted through many of the horrible business to find a few amazing companies. We now supply so many different retail stores, online businesses, stylists and salon owners that we buy huge amounts of hair. These purchases have allowed us to negotiate some fantastic prices. This allows us to sell quality hair at wholesale prices in the USA with the purchaser the ability to still make a great profit.
Wholesale Hair Extensions

What about Shipping?

We ship FAST! That too is another advantage of working with us. We are based in Atlanta, the Weave Capital, and offer same day pickup for local customers. If you order before 4 pm we can get your wholesale order out the same day. We generally ship USPS priority mail which arrives in 1 – 3 business days. We also have overnight shipping options. There are not too many resources in the USA that can offer next day delivery for wholesale hair extensions.

Where is your Office?

We are in the heart of Atlanta. We have a private hair lounge that customers love to visit. It is beautiful! We wanted a private, secure location that could give privacy to local celebrities and business people that do not want to get mixed in the mess like shopping at a beauty supply store.

What are some of the Styles You Offer?

We focus mostly on five popular styles of sew-in hair extensions. These include the best selling body wave, silky straight, loose wave, deep wave and kinky curly. The sales for kinky curly have really increased this year as many woman are going for the natural look. We also offer the perfect closures to match!

How does your Wholesale Program Work?

Really simple actually. The site is setup just like other hair extension websites where you can buy individual bundles of hair. What makes our site unique is that once your reach the first tier of 20-plus bundles or closures in the cart you will see the price automatically switch to wholesale. There is a second price break at 50+ bundles, a third at 75+ bundles and the best prices we offer online are at 100+ bundles. Anymore than that you better just give us a call.

What other Services do you Offer?

We also work with business owners on properly branding their bundles. We offer hair extension packaging which includes custom printed hang tags, hang tag strings and beautiful silky hair extension bags. We can also help give ideas on how to be successful in the business. If our wholesale customers are more successful than we will be more successful. We have found that it is very difficult to find good help in this industry. We are different. We want to form long lasting business relationships with our customers and we can all enjoy success.
Hair Extension Packaging

Any New Products Coming Soon?

Of course! We have lots of new items on the way. We just got in some Gray Brazilian Body Wave. This product is hot all over Instagram! We will stay focused on the traditional products that there is a high demand for while introducing new products that are hot in the market. If they cool off we can just discontinue them and focus on what is working best.

What is Some Advice You Can Give Someone Getting into the Business?

Build great personal relationships when possible. Work with people you like. Start getting your friends and family to buy from you. Get feedback from them on how you can improve your sales. Then ask them to introduce you to their friends that wear hair extensions. A great website helps a lot if you are selling online. Make sure you ship your products fast! A lot of our clients don’t want to inventory, pack and ship orders so we do it for them. Handle the aspects of the business that you love.

Private Label Extensions

Special thanks to the team at PLE for answering so many of our questions. We love to hear success stories from entrepreneurs in the hair industry. If you have any questions about how to get started in the hair extension industry and of course if you are looking for a reliable wholesale hair extension company reach out to Private Label Extensions.

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