Nine Hair Styling Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Nine Hair Styling Tricks Every Woman Should Know
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Though you want your hair to look good, it is next to impossible to afford going to hair salons everyday like most celebrities do.(LaTavia Roberson & her Hair Extension line pictured above) However, it does not have to be that way, as simple styling tricks can do wonders for your hair when it comes to every day styling. Whether it is for achieving hair volume, blow drying your hair to perfection, curling your hair or preventing frizz, these styling tricks can help you style your hair as if you have just stepped out of the salon. To help you achieve professional and impeccable styling results at home, this article will look into the 9 basic hairstyling tips that will help you achieve flawless styling results.

Start Curling your Hair from the Middle

Do you want your curls to last longer? While many of us tend to think that buying the right curling iron is the only solution available, there is a lot more you can do to make your curls last longer. However, before you start curling your hair, make sure you have straightened your hair.
Many women make the basic mistake of curling their hair from the bottom up. However, the trick to longer lasting curls is to start curling your hair from the middle and not from the bottom.

Blow Dry your Hair the Right Way

If you wonder why your hair turns out to be so perfect after a blow dry at the salon and why you fail to achieve similar results, then leave your worries a shore. To achieve professional results avoid using a high heat setting and keep your hair dryer a minimum of 8 inches away from your hair. Start from the roots and gradually move to the ends, making sure that you continue to move the hair dryer to avoid overexposing your hair to the heat, which can lead to hair damage.

Tame the Frizz in your Hair

Frizzy Hair
If your hair is prone to frizz, try not to rub it using a towel when you come out of a bath. It is important that you gently dab your hair with the towel so that it can absorb all the water, leaving your hair wavy. It is also important that you always remember to apply the conditioner after using the shampoo to make your hair softer and silkier.
Selecting the right hair care products can also help you avoid all that frizziness. Use hair care products that are alcohol-free. If you rely too heavily on your hair straightening iron and relaxers, consider minimizing their usage as these products can damage your hair leading to frizz.

Curling Technique for Straight Hair

If you have straight hair and have failed repeatedly in curling your hair with a curling iron, then consider using an aluminum foil with a flat iron to obtain long lasting curls. Simply divide your hair in sections, pinning each section. Next take out a strand and wrap it around your finger.
After wrapping your hair around your finger giving is a temporary curl place an aluminum foil beneath it and wrap it around your hair. Simply place the foil in the straightening iron for a few seconds before moving on to the next foil. Wait for the foil to cool down completely before taking your hair out and apply some hair spray.

Get Voluminous Hair with these Simple Tricks

Claw Clip
Do you long for a thick, smooth and silky look in your hair after you hair using your hairdryer? If yes then you have to understand that using the right hair care products in the right manner can get the job done efficiently and effectively. For example, blow drying your hair upside down will help make your hair appear naturally voluminous. Moreover, avoid using too many hair care products as they contain chemicals that can lead to hair problems in the long run. Simply restrict the use of your conditioner to the middle and end of your hair and avoid massaging it on the roots of your hair. Similarly, using a small claw clip in place of your regular hair band will help your pony tail to appear thicker and fuller.

Conceal your Grays and Re-growth

Gray Disappear Mascara
If you have noticed that the gray in your hair has begun to show or if the re-growth is showing, instead of getting your hair colored, try using some mascara do the trick. Buy mascara stick that is of the same shade as your hair and use it to conceal your grays and re-growth temporarily. However, use it sparingly or the color will show on your scalp.

Make your Braid appear Thicker

Thick Hair Braid
Many women avoid braiding their hair as it end up making their hair look thinner and unappealing. If you also love to experiment with braids then a simple trick can help add some thickness to your hair the next time you braid. After you have braided your hair, gently pull the braid apart to make it appear fuller and thicker. However, don’t overdo it or you may pull your braid apart. Do it at regular intervals so your braid may continue to look thicker and fuller.

Braid your Hair for Casual Waves

Want to style your hair lose, informal and with casual waves? Divide your hair in sections and tie each section in a braid. After braiding all the sections, use a hair straightener and iron the entire length of each braid. Let the braids cool completely before you let them lose; apply some hair spray as well.

Use Tooth Brush for the Flyaway Hair Strands

Does your flyaway hair remain unaffected? Use a tooth brush to tame your hair then. Directly apply your hair spray on the tooth brush and quickly use the toothbrush as a comb, gently brushing the flyaway hair. Not only will your hair be coated with hair spray, but it will ensure they stay in place.
So, these simple tricks will help you style your hair more professionally, and the best part is you can style your hair every day without breaking a sweat.

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