Peruvian or Brazilian Hair Extensions?

Peruvian or Brazilian Hair Extensions?

What Hair Extension is Better?

When making the decision between either Peruvian or Brazilian hair extensions, it is imperative that you know the difference between the two, and the advantage and disadvantages of using these hair extensions. As a general rule, it’s beneficial to know about the different products which are available to you before you make a decision. Some people like using both Peruvian and Brazilian hair for hair extensions or for a wig, although these people sometimes encounter a problem when trying to determine the quality of hair they should choose. It’s a good idea to ask a hair professional before you make a decision, especially if you are someone who doesn’t really know how to determine the quality of hair. Unlike other industries, the hair industry is not regulated and therefore you will need to be carefully and opt for only the best quality hair products. Ask your hair stylist about products which are the best for your type of hair, as certain products may only be suitable for hair types which are different to yours. You may also want to ask a friend or relative about which hair extensions they have used in the past, in order to make an informed decision about the best style to go for.

What is Peruvian hair?

Peruvian hair is usually thicker and coarser in texture than Brazilian and Indian hair and blends well in medium Caucasian hair textures, as well as normal relaxed hair textures on African-American women. These extensions are multi-purpose and have as been featured in the media since 2010. It has the ability to look natural and full of volume even though the hair is lightweight, and women can have 5 packs, or 500 grams, of Peruvian hair on their head with no discomfort. It is easy to maintain these extensions and these are ideal for straight hair styles as well as short and contemporary styles.

What is Brazilian hair?

Brazilian hair comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths, and is often much shinier and silkier than Indian hair. With its shiny appearance, Brazilian hair is soft to touch and comes available in various textured styles. however straight textured styles do have light waves in them. The hair can hold curls well, and is soft and smooth. Texture of Brazilian hair can vary from natural straight to bouncy body waves, and these extensions are popular in countries in West Africa. The hair can last a long time if looked after well and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The hair curls well and can be used with a number of different lengths and styles.

Both Peruvian and Brazilian hair extensions can blend well with African-American hair, and both styles have recently increased in popularity, with more and more women opting for one of these styles. Regardless of Peruvian or Brazilian hair, human hair is always much better than synthetic hair for a wide range of reasons. When looking for hair extensions, the best and most popular types of extensions are currently Peruvian and Brazilian hair. Both serve different functions but can help to create a unique look which will frame the face and leave you looking even more beautiful.

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    Hello my name is samira and from London in England i am interested in buying your hair but not entirely sure whether i trust the website as I have had bad experiences with buying online and especially from America. I am half African and half Jamaican so I want to know what hair I should go for and also have you had a customer buy from you from abroad?

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      Hi samira, is an affiliate on behalf of which is the safest and most popular online store in the world. I would recommended Brazilian Hair as this blends in with African/Caribbean hair textures very well.

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