Virgin Hair: The Best Hair Extensions Around

Virgin Hair: The Best Hair Extensions Around
Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is not just for celebrities anymore. In fact, even the average woman can catch up with the latest trends in hair fashion through affordable Virgin hair extensions. And that’s why majority of women are going for this type of hair extension.

As a matter of fact, this type of hair is considered the best, both to the end consumer and salon professional. The word “Virgin” simply means untreated in the context of human hair. There are no chemicals used during the processing of this type of hair, except during the washing and sewing onto a weft. Many people prefer to get natural, and that includes having natural products for their hair-do.

What makes this hair different from other products in the market?

Apart from the variety, this type of hair has thick strands which makes it shiny and smoother. Because of this, they generally appear more natural than their counterparts in the market.

These hair extensions come in different styles too. You can choose straight or wavy, depending on your taste. In other words, this hair gives you the chance to style it like your own hair. Again, it can be sewn, glued, bonded or braided into your natural hair. In fact, it’s the safest and easiest way to add more hair, length or a wide variety of colors to your natural hair without causing damage. These are very good reasons why you should invest on this type of hair. Other than the outward look it gives you, it’s kind to your natural hair.

Whether you are going for the weaving type, a clip in type style of hair extension or fusion extension, you’ll be able to find a vast array of choices for you to choose. You can also use loads of color enhancement. curling irons, blow dryers or even your usual flat iron to expand your range of style. And the good thing is that you are getting 100% quality human hair which syncs well with your natural hair.

How to determine the type of hair you need

These hair extensions are measured in ounce. If you want to install hair extensions that makes a full weave, you’ll need 2 bundles that make up between 6-8 ounce, with every single bundle weighing between 3-4 ounces. Don’t be limited by the length options available out there. These extensions come in different lengths. The fact that you are short doesn’t mean that you can’t try long hair. You could even opt for 24 inches if you like. Alternatively, you could choose any length because they come in varied lengths that range between 10 to 24 inches.

Virgin Malaysian Hair

Where to find this type of hair

You don’t have to physically leave your house in search for the perfect hair extension because you can find them online too. In fact, the best place to look for them would be online because you are likely to get a variety at fantastic prices. Unlike your physical store, online stores are loaded with variety and you are always free to shift from one online store to the other without feeling compelled to buy. Why not visit our online store today? We have a wide range of hair extensions and accessories available for purchase.

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