Wig Making 101

Wig Making 101
Hair Extensions
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Making wigs at home is not too difficult with a little practice. We really liked this step-by-step video on how to get started making your own wigs. Quality wigs can last a long time and be a great way for you to quickly change your look. Custom made wigs by professionals can cost $1,000’s. This is a great motivator to learn the skills needed to make your own custom wigs.

Wig Material List

Black Weaving Thread
Curved Needle
Breathable Mesh Weaving Cap
Wig Head Stand
Hair Extensions
Blanket Stitch Wig Making Technique

Wig Making Steps

– Place wig cap on mannequin head and pin down to keep it from moving.
– Go through track of the hair extensions and start sewing into the cap.
SPEED TIP – don’t sew through the tracks after you get started. Will also reduce shedding.
– The sewing method is called a blanket stitch (see video diagram)
– FOLD OVER METHOD – Sew through the thickest part of the cap and the track of the hair. It will hold the hair in place better while folding over the extensions. Go through twice so the fold is very flat and flush.
– The spacing for the first bundle of hair is two fingers. While moving up the head the space should get closer to just one finger in spacing
– Stitch the lace closure to the wig cap with a vertical stitch

Wig Styles

Once you have the wig completely sewn you then have to decide on your style and if you want to color the hair. That we will leave up to you! Hopefully these tips will help with your next wig making experience.

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