Why Women Love Virgin Brazilian Hair

Why Women Love Virgin Brazilian Hair
virgin Brazilian hair

Long hair cuts are very common nowadays, as more women are now aware of the role long hair plays in enhancing their beauty. But the normal rate of hair growth can sometimes be too slow. So what options do you have if you want to spot a long hair style? The answer is virgin Brazilian hair extensions. With Brazilian hair, you can get the look you want within minutes. You can get a wavy, thick or curly look depending on the type of extension used.

What is the difference between virgin and non-virgin hair?

Non-virgin hair extensions are usually treated or coloured with dyes and chemicals to give them a natural look. Virgin hair extensions on the other hand, are sold in their natural state without being dyed or treated chemically. Since they are natural, virgin hair extensions usually cost more than non-virgin extensions. Virgin Brazilian hair extensions are considered the best because they are soft, thick, strong, and beautiful.

Apart from beauty, many women also like virgin Brazilian hair because it is very durable. When properly cared for, these extensions can last for up to one year. To increase the extensions’ longevity, ensure that mouse, gels and other style products are only applied by the stylist. Since virgin hair hasn’t been processed before, you can use heat and apply dyes to create your own personalized look while always guaranteed of a natural result.

virgin Brazilian hair

What to look for when purchasing virgin hair extensions.

i) The hair has to be in its natural state. This means that it should not have been treated with chemicals or dyed.

ii) The hair should look shiny and healthy – Brazilian virgin hair is popular because of its reputations sleek, shiny and healthy. Do not consider any fry, flat or damaged extension when shopping.

iii) Not many people know this, but there is a difference between common Brazilian hair and Brazilian virgin hair. To differentiate the two, look for a natural taper at the end of the extension. You wouldn’t find this taper on a common Brazilian hair extension. This is because, it is normally collected from multiple sources and processed to correct cuticle issues and to match wave, curl or sleek appearance. On the other hand, virgin hair usually comes from a single person and is arranged in individual ponytails before going on sale.
Virgin Brazilian Hair
Another key reason why many women prefer virgin hair extensions is that they lend themselves to fusion easily. There are 4 main ways of attaching hair extension; fusion, micro rings, bonding and weaving. Fusion allows the hair extensions to be attached directly to your own hair using adhesive or glue. This guarantees a more natural look; no one will know that you are wearing hair extensions.

Virgin Brazilian hair extensions may be more expensive but they last a lot longer than synthetic and non-virgin hair. Besides, their virgin status means that you are not jut limited to one look; you can dye or use styling agents to achieve you own unique look, just as you would with your own natural hair.

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